__ tout simplement __

. . . " femme tranquille "

_ peinture de Jacques Le Tord. (1906-1952)
photo : (c) 2010 Yannick Le Tord


Eames House, Case Study House #8 - by Charles and Ray Eames

Not only did CHARLES EAMES (1907-1978) and his wife, RAY (1912-1988) design some of the most important examples of 20th century furniture, they also applied their talents to devising ingenious children's toys, puzzles, films, exhibitions and such iconic mid-20th century Los Angeles buildings as the Eames House and Entenza House in Pacific Palisades. Santa Monica, CA. USA.

Eames LCW Chair

Eames LCW Chair
Charles and Ray Eames, 1946

In the early 1940s, after working all day on MGM set designs, Charles Eames returned to his small L.A. apartment with his wife, Ray. Together the two designers worked through their evenings, using thin sheets of veneer and a bicycle-pump compressor to experiment with wood-molding techniques. The technology they developed during those late hours made their revolutionary furniture designs possible, including this modest chair that Time magazine recently named the Best Design of the 20th Century. The contours of its low and casual form cradle the human body more comfortably than one would imagine can be done by a wooden chair. This licensed version by Herman Miller®, the original manufacturer, is made of five-ply hardwood with eight-ply legs. Available in an ash veneer with a red finish or black finish, a natural ash veneer, or a natural walnut clear coat veneer. moma, nyc. 2010


__ une maison que l'on aime __

" _ c'est l'histoire de 3 petits cochons. . .
une maison de paille . . . et un gros loup! "
_ photo: (c) 2010 blt


__ Kissing love on the lips of morning __

Kissing love on the lips of morning
" . . . there is a simple girl in a light violet dress . . . she holds her hands on her lap . . . the buildings here are low . . . I know who I'm . . .
I was born in Patterson, NJ . . . Richie my buddy says , this girl she's from Hackensack . That's not next door . . . I can dance on the dance floor, fly with her . The wind will carry me like a seed . . . last week we met down by the Patterson railroad-tracks . . . the sun was low . I swear when she looked at me there was a violet light in her eyes . . . as pale as new born kittens eyes . . . a color born in a place I've never been before . . . she held my hand all night . . . I kissed love on the lips of morning."

words: (c) 2010 blt
painting: "la jeune fille au corsage à pois" Amedeo Modiliagni


-_ aurore dans la neige __

À Aurore

La nature est tout ce qu'on voit, Tout ce qu'on veut, tout ce qu'on aime. Tout ce qu'on sait, tout ce qu'on croit, Tout ce que l'on sent en soi-même.

Elle est belle pour qui la voit, Elle est bonne à celui qui l'aime, Elle est juste quand on y croit Et qu'on la respecte en soi-même.

Regarde le ciel, il te voit, Embrasse la terre, elle t'aime. La vérité c'est ce qu'on croit En la nature c'est toi-même.

Georges Sand (1804-1876) (à sa petite fille Aurore, née en 1866)

__ photo: (c) 2010 blt


__ Tzimo's moon __

"_ colors always speak in a way that makes you feel as if you were born
on another galaxy. . . it's all about a hidden part of yourself . . . one day
you are blue , or you are green ? You didn't even know about it ."

Tzimo's moon
" . . . Tzimo Crow came back late in the night _ he left his horse outside the
camp to graze by itself _ he wasn't scared to loose his horse . Oriole Bird
was sound asleep. There was so little he wanted to tell him. I found a new color ,
Tzimo whispered to Oriole Bird . It's called Indigo blue. When my mare will give birth
to her new colt , I call him Indigo. Tzimo walked to his tipee , he said goodnight to
the moon watching him safe , tired Tzimo , he heard the moon say . . .
Indigo Moon . Tzimo lay down on his bear fur , he closed his eyes. Indigo dream ,
that's what I'll dream tonight. And he fell asleep until the sun came up. . . "

_ words (c) 2010 blt
_ story " Tzimo's moon " (c) 2010 bijou le tord

Painting: ANDY WARHOL Mao: one plate (F. & S. II.90) screenprint in colors, 1972, on Beckett High White, signed in ball-point pen on the reverse, stamp-numbered 42/250 (there were also 50 artist's proofs), co-published by Castelli Graphics and Multiples Inc., New York, with the artist's copyright stamp on the reverse, the full sheet, light-, mat, and time staining, minor surface soiling, scuffing, and a few handling creases in places at the sheet edges (with very minor paper loss), otherwise in good condition, framedS. 36 x 36 in. (914 x 914 mm.) Christie's, NYC.


__ on the basket ball court __

on the basket ball court

. . . nikki,
& louie & mimi, & floppy, mickey & bully , bisby,
. . . & wippy & jimmy ,
gusty & holly . . .

nikki, titi, sissi . . .
louie ,
& Natacha . . .
huh !
words: (c) blt
mosaic : basket ball player _ balboa park, san diego, ca.
nikki de st phalle.


les arbres copains de lambert savigneux

"on aime tout simplement"
2010 (c) lambert savigneux


__ if we'd had met Paul Klee __

Paul Klee’s Graphic Work. Eberhard W. Kornfeld’s Passion

28th August 2009 – 21st February 2010

Opening: Thursday 27 th August 2009, 6 p.m.

For the first time ever, exhibition viewers will be able to see the complete graphic works of Paul Klee in all their diversity. This is in homage to Eberhard W. Kornfeld, the outstanding Bernese art dealer and expert in the graphic works of Paul Klee. Kornfeld’s world will be clearly displayed for the visitors in a separate room designed for the exhibition: selected personal items, photographs and films show his human side; meticulous records, research and his publications provide a documentary account of the art expert’s methodological-scientific side. The various facets of Kornfeld’s personality, his significance as a collector of Klee and author of the "Register of the Graphic Works of Paul Klee", the art history reference work for the graphic works of Paul Klee, will be set out in descriptive form.

Apart from a few exceptions, the graphic works of Klee are housed together in the Zentrum Paul Klee collection. With the focus on Eberhard W. Kornfeld’s outstanding personality and influence, this is the first time the entire collection is being included in the exhibition. This genre of Klee’s work, previously little known to the general public, comprises 109 numbers dating from the years 1901 to 1932. Arranged partly in chronological order and partly grouped by subject, the works give a vivid, concentrated insight into Klee’s development as an artist.

The exhibition is supplemented by drawings and works from the collections of the Zentrum Paul Klee and Eberhard W. Kornfeld that provided models or points of reference for his graphic works. Also on display are numerous graphic map works with contributions from Paul Klee; these include the famous Bauhaus maps with works by Lyonel Feininger, Wassily Kandinsky, László Moholy-Nagy and Oskar Schlemmer.


__ l' humble cueillette de paca sanchez __

l' infini paysage

" brindilles de pin
pour tisser l' infini paysage de nos rêves d'enfant

tiges de liserons
pour forger le mouvement parfaitement irrégulier et incontrôlable

cocons de vers à soie
pour planter la forêt blanche et immuable du pays perdu

et feuilles de bambou ciselées comme le diamant

paille de riz
et plumes de pique-boeuf légères comme la caresse du vent

assemblages poétiques et transparences monochromes
créations pures tendant vers l'absolu

quand la lumière joue avec l'ombre
quand l' éphémère joue avec l'éternité

paca sanchez nous amène sur ses " sentes buissonnières " malgaches
vers de petits chemins dont l'origine n'est pas éclaircie

jamais plus à cause d'elle
je ne pourrais regarder pareil le rayon de soleil à travers la feuille
jamais plus à cause d'elle
je ne pourrais secouer la branche pour attraper le nid
jamais plus à cause d'elle
je ne pourrais marcher pareil sur la brindille "

_ guy maurette
sentes buissonnières
(c) paca sanchez 2004 imprimeries du pré-battoir
42220 saint julien molin molette

« Vient enfin, le miracle de "L' humble cueillette", 1500 boules duveteuses de graines de pissenlits disposées sur des portées dans une régularité saisissante. Une serre est l'écrin de ces précieux et fugaces joyaux du monde végétal. Offrande et remerciement, caractère éphémère et certitude, fragilité et puissance, humilité et perfection, tout s'oppose et pourtant se complète dans l'intense et sublime connivence que Paca Sanchez entretient avec les végétaux du quotidien ».
__ catherine plassart

photo: http://juliette.boutillier.over-blog.com

__ leaving home __

" we left home in the blue of morning __ a friend called it indigo . . . we called it
blue on blue
. . . late evening we got off the car , the lake had tURned dark green . . . we called it
a night ! "
_ words: blt
painting : joan miro


__ les pommes de lulu __

" les pommes de lulu qui poussent à maclas
dans la loire . . . "
_ photo: blt


__ the year of the tiger __

" __On April 6, 1437, Yang Rong, a high-ranking scholar-official serving the emperor of China, invited eight important officials and dignitaries to his famous garden to view paintings and calligraphy, compose poetry, and play chess. One of these invited officials is seen above, brush in hand, poised to write a poem on the paper unrolled on the table before him. Two other guests admire a painting in the format of a hanging scroll. The servant on the left is readying another hanging scroll for viewing while two more hanging scrolls lie rolled up on the low table beside him. Yang Rong served at the court of five successive emperors, rising to the rank of grand secretary, the highest official position in the Ming dynasty court. "

_ Elegant Gathering in the Apricot Garden (detail), 1437
After Xie Huan . Handscroll; ink and color on silk.
Metropolitan Museum, NYC. USA

_ on being a tiger
My stripes you want , my strength you crave.
You beg for my fierce temper . I'm master .
Who are you under the stars of the universe ?
Courage is born of my heart , it let's me leap
and strike . You want my shadow , my light .
I'm . Who are you ? "
_ Ishmael lilianthal 1948. ( On a trip to India. Nadhir . )


__ la vachère __

" _ chez nous les vaches sentent bons comme les prés
qui les entourent , comme la vie que le soleil leur donne
_ elles aiment profondément un peu comme nous
le faisons , mais en plus grand, plus généreux _ encore . . .
elles ne savent pas tout bien sûr , mais la peur n'est pas tout
à fait dans leur dictionnaire de vaches . . . mais la grammaire
chez elles ça ne se rumine pas . . . oh, ce n'est pas le temps
qui manque . . . mais une vache n'est pas une chêvre
et le papier avec des petites lettres noires et blanches
ou en couleur . . . bôff . . . pas besoin de savoir lire quand
on est une vache on sait tout ce qu'il faut pour se débrouilller
les jours de pluie . . . se mettre à l'abri ou se faire mouiller
tout en regardant les grenouilles du point d'eau qui nagent
sur le dos. Chez nous les vaches on les aime comme elles
sont ! Belles encore plus belles . . . oh, puis tiens elles vous
le diront _ écoutes tu les entends ? "

_ les mots: (c) 2010 blt ( une histoire pour Coco )
_ l'image : Fernand Leger (1881-1955)
La Vachere, 1954
Lithograph printed in color on Arches paper
19 1/8 x 15 1/8 inches
Signed in ink
Catalogue reference: Saphire 112
(c) 2010 PACE Gallery, NYC.

__ Ansel Adams __

". . . wouldn't you want to be he : Ansel Adams ? I would . . . "

_ Ansel Adams. “Aspens, Northern New Mexico.” Mural-sized gelatin silver print.


__ The Belles of Lutton* __

" . . . Lutton's train tracks ran along the Yaokon River _ a small dirty black river _
that had carried for years the filthy pollution of seven deadly leather tanning mills.
Most mills were built upstream from Lutton and at times so close to each other ,
they seemed to touch. You couldn't tell one mill from another _ they all reeked the
same _ of cowhides , left in heaps in all kind of weather , in the mills' courtyards _
'til tears came to your eyes . Sometimes, a heavy snowfall blanketed the mills' roofs ,
all white. That's when Pastor Schwanks told us that there is life _ somewhere
in the Northern Lakes region or further up , nearby Chicago , IL ; or even a greater
distance than Grand Rapids , MI . He promised us days without dyes _
and no stinking Spring nights with no flower smells.
Pastor Schwanks always told the truth. We believed in him more than we did Jesus. "

_words by (c) 2010 blt.

The Belles of Lutton* / part 1 of 2
_ note: arguably true or not _ the Belles of
Lutton are seven mills _ named mostly for their
amazing architectural design : all seven made of sturdy
square brick buildings , with dainty lace- like details _
that adorned the upper part of the arch-entrances
of each mills.
- Illinois Archives Special Collection / Mills . ( circa 1840 )

_ Painting by Rothko: (c) Untitled. 1964


__ catch a fish __

"__catch a fish__ catch a cat __
catch the moon __ catch the sun __
catch corn __ catch a wife. "

__Old Peruvian proverb

__ drawing: george braque
aquarium drawings


__ mademoiselle de chez nous ___

__ "mademoiselle peyraverney"
photo (c) 2010 blt



__ la planète peinture __

" Chaque planète en poursuivant
son chemin sur son orbite semble aller
de constellation en constellation.
On dirait un astre qui va et vient parmi
les étoiles. "Planète" est un mot grec
qui signifie "errante ".

( Astronomie pour garçons et filles,
éd. Cocorico, Coll. Un grand livre d'or,
1955, p. 37. )

*Errer (en vieux français) veut dire : rêver

2010 (c) 2010 Nos amis les peintres : Amedeo Modigliani,
Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso.
_Bien à vous nos amis les peintres
et les rêveurs et

__ kerouac colors __

" . . . today we badly needed colors to say no,
to sa y yes __ to move the earth
into a ball of out of state colors. . .
no no not a rainbow. . . exercise your kerouac colors !"
__ jim deant tirkl 1950

_photo (c) 2010 blt


__ Mariette __


. . . dans ma besace j'y ai mis un petit lapin

qui sentait bon

le soleil

les mirabelles

et le


puis je l'ai porté

en vitesse

sur ma bécane à Marie-Louise

qui aime beaucoup

les lapins . . .

mais ton lapin c'est un lièvre s'écria-t'elle

ah non ça non non et non

pas de lièvre dans ma maison

et le voila qu' il court comme un fou

sur les tomettes


de la cuisine de Marie-Louise

vite vite vite

je lui ouvre la porte

et toc et toc il saute par la fenêtre

ouf il s'est enfuit

et le voilà

tout en haut du clocher

et qui sonne midi

dans ma besace j'y ai mis

une petite poule


et je l'ai porté tout essoufflé à Mariette

qui aime les poules

de toutes les couleurs

et dans son tablier

à petits carreaux verts et blancs

la petite poule rousse picore

les miettes et

les petites feuilles

de laitue

elle boit de l'eau dans un verre à pied

et s'ébroue dans mon assiette

et sous l'horloge

tic toc

du coup

Mariette m'a dit je t'aime

et à présent

nous passons tout

notre temps ensemble . . .

dans ma besace je lui

porte des


et même des coquelicots

qui nous font

les mains rouges

mais on s'en fiche

Mariette et moi

on va se marier

et la petite poule rousse

tiendra le bouquet

dans son bec

et moi je prendrai les photos . . .

alors toi, moi et la petite

poule rousse

nous dormirons au clair

de lune sans faire de bruit

avec ma besace

qui sera bien rangée au dessus

du lit tu verras la petite poule


poussera la porte

qui donne sur ton jardin


et elle y pondra des

petits oeufs roux

pour manger à la coque

au petit matin.

_ bijou le tord

"mariette" 2010 (c) bijou le tord

image: pierre bonnard

from "observing nature"

catalogue, australia