thinking tiny house. . .

tiny house about 170 sq ft
i'm building next to my studio-trailer:
like the idea of putting it on stilts
and deck so one can sit outside all around it. . .
put plants/small trees/
grow vines. . . flowers? i like walking up a few steps to it;
now find a way to build it on the low cost-side . . .
3 port-holes on left & right side . . . 2 chimneys for air only :
no wood burning. . . electric heaters. . . North winds are fierce. . .
it'll have water &
"facilities" . . . think small is good for me & the planet!
© 2011 bijou letord


joe pintauro " Summer Kingdom " . . .

Joe Pintauro “The Summer Kingdom”
June 25 – July 25

Please join us for the opening reception June 25, 2011 6-8pm

Sylvester & Co. at Home Gallery
154 Main Street Amagansett, NY 11930

The show will feature high-resolution photography of the beaches and lifeguards on the east end of Long Island.
A Note from the Artist:
“I’ve been photographing on East End beaches for the past two winters and summers. I see the beach in summer as a kind of nation, a freshly constituted realm under a unique governance each year, a floating world of freedom from the land mass, from ourselves and the exterior rattling world. Josef Pieper’s: Leisure the Basis of Culture, a book from my college days, speaks of how once man is free from economic necessity, and even despite economic necessity, all that still matters in the end is art, beauty and love.
With this in mind, I photographed our beaches and their life guards through a lens of romanticism; stressing the landscape, its primitivism and the individualism of it’s life guards who oversee a thin stretch of sand before a massive ocean. A place which belongs equally to every man woman and child. Beaches, especially out here, near ponds and of soft warm sand can be said to be a summer kingdom floating in timelessness between heaven and earth, a place of sun, wind and water, ruled by Olympian sun Gods, men and women of beauty, prowess and responsibility, who sit high on thrones, overlooking a dangerously beautiful magical world, the kingdom of summer.”


gaston . . .

i once owned a cat named gaston . . .
(much like this one )
he truly loved being
gaston . . . lived a long life. . .
making my bull terrier maya
a cat's hell. . .

photo © 2011 


renault & citroën . . .

renault & citroën
early morning at the garage. . .
© 2011 blt


memento in black and white . . .

visible from the bridge : the harbor and the mountains . . .
then the mountains alone: houses on their heads
their bellies showing . . .
a memento far from venice. . .
yet so close.

© 2011 bijou le tord
works on paper
works on canvas
ink and acrylic. . .



venetian red . . .

venetian red 1
© 2011 bijou le tord
color photography


Hiraki Sawa-video & photography work

Hiraki Sawa
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Born in Ichikawa, Japan, 1977
Lives & works in London, United Kingdom
© 2011  Hiraki Sawa