Behind The Lens: Norman Rockwell's Photographers, A Mixed Picture

The Runaway, 1958, is an example of Rockwell's photorealism. (Norman Rockwell Art Collection Trust)
Who can forget the vulnerable childhood experience of going to the doctor? I remember sitting nervously on that white butcher paper, feeling like a particularly choice deli cut, and staring at a painting of a little boy pulling his pants down for a shot -- a foreboding image of what might be in store. That image, a Norman Rockwell illustration, stuck with me for years. And that's the nature of Rockwell's legacy: his work is everywhere, and has become an indelible part of American culture. So, as someone who looks at photos all day, imagine my shock when I saw a photograph of the exact doctor's office scene in that painting.
Rockwell used photos, taken by a rotating cast of photographers, to make his illustrations --and all of his models were neighbors and friends, including that little boy! Rockwell neverkept it a secret, but for some reason this little fact has been neglected in recent decades.
Although he may not have clicked the shutter, Rockwell directed every facet of every composition.
-- By Claire O'Neill
nov. 29th/ NPR.org/ 8:50 am
Weekend Edition Sunday story by NPR's Jacki Lyden

. . . a cross street lead . . .

" so we___ opened a road ___ around Loire,
a small town ___ flat, crossed and intertwining streets,
dirt jeep road ahead; we can smell soup ___ fried
chicken ___ the rhône river without end,
follows us ___ a sign says: Removing Disasters__
we laughed."

text & photo: (c) 2009 blt


___ its windows open___

". . . i know what it means,
my language is home . . . "
_ gary snyder
photo: (c) 2009 blt

___ cloud___cloud___cloud___

" cloud hurls, up & over . . . rain not far off . . . "

painting: (c) 2009 lambert savigneux
well it's pigments water and ink and thick watercolor too out of the tube ( d'you say that ? )
i sold it ! i see plenty in it so I still show it around !

___ november ___

" three a. m. _ coming closer: the moon "
text & photo: (c) 2009 blt

Sylvester and Co. at Home . . . amagansett, ny.

Nov 28 | “Best of 2009” Art Opening

Featuring our favorite works of the year from Eric Buechel, Perry Burns, Elizabeth Dow, David Geiser, James Kennedy, Dennis Lawrence, Bijou LeTord, Jim Napierala, Matthew Satz, Lynda Sylvester and Gavin Zeigler. Join us for the opening reception on Saturday, November 28 from 5-7pm. The show will be on display from November 28-January 15.

Sylvester & Co. at Home is located in the heart of picturesque Amagansett Village, a short 5 minute drive from East Hampton on Route 27. usa.

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"lance amstrong; le tour de france 2009

___ cyclist @amstrong ___

"one cyclis, two cyclists . . . "
photo: (c) 2009 BLT


. . . confucius and friends . . .

"small but as powerful as the sun, the moon and
the stars. . ."

Confucius (circa 551-479 BC)

___ merce cunningham ___

" in the ferns & plums & weeds . . ."

photo: (c) merce cunningham company


___ girl with the red hat ___


Jan Veermeer

(Meisje met de rode hoed )

c. 1665-1667
oil on panel
9 1/8 x 7 1/8 in. (23.2 x 18.1 cm.)
The National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.
Andrew W. Mellon Collection

"elle nous fait rêver . . . la jeunesse ,

et vous . . .?


___ wild turkeys ___ on powder hill ___

photo: (c) 2009 blt

" trout "

"thoreau trout. . . a rainbow. . . "

we found this beautiful image
on a __ trout__ blog, a long
time ago. . . couldn't locate it
again. . . if you're the painter
of this great watercolor... let
us know."


___ faith in a seed ___

We were told by a farmer here, that seeds can stay
in the ground forever . . ." 'til a fire or somethin',"
he said: "wakes them up.... & pop, they come out"
We always wanted to share this book with you . . .
now is a good time . . .mellow weather out there :
are seeds asleep? Thoreau knows all the answers . . .

" Faith in a Seed: The Dispersion of Seeds and Other Late Natural History Writings." - Henry David Thoreau-

was written in 1860 after many tramps through the Concord woods. He went to the woods in Massachusetts

as a naturalist, rather than a writer or thinker; his purpose was to disprove the theory, popular at the time,

that plants and trees sprang spontaneously from the ground. . . "

___ travelling birds ___

" they are simply on the move . . . "
photo: (c) 2009 blt
le tour de france-


___ don't let the turkeys get you down ___

happy thanksgiving
to you
& you
& us all ___

___ thinking of Miro ___

miro, blue blue blue

photo: (c) 2009 blt


___ rabbit seeds ___

"this Rabbit Seeds . . . he is a gardener ,
he plants little seeds, tills the earth, water seedlings, prunes & harvests
when the time comes . . . he harvests all he planted. "

It is a book for very young children. It is illustrated in pen and ink... just as the image above . . .

"When the ice and snow are gone, and the sun warms up the earth, a gardener begins his work. He takes out his wheel barrow, a spade, a rake, and a hoe, he tills his garden breaks up clumps of heavy soil, rakes away stones, and cleans out the winter mulch. He plans where to sow, each new crop, draws a tight string to guide his furrows and the tiny seeds. He labels carrots, lettuces, onions, and closes up the fragile rows. His sweet peas will climb a fence. His marigolds will keep away beetles. When the day cools, he waters his seeds. The sun and the earth begin their work. He patiently waits, and watches for a first ripple or a crack on the ground. He patiently sits, until the first seedlings shoot up. Young tomato plants need the open air, weeds grow fast, shadowing new sprouts. Baby lettuces push up, buds unfold, radishes need thinning. Early peas wear pink, carrots are tender, parsley is ready. he digs out tender new potatoes, and sets greens, sweet peppers, and peas in small crates. A melon feels heavy, when it is ripe. Cauliflowers and artichokes are for sale. When leaves turn yellow, just before the ground freezes, a gardener puts away his tools. His work is done. The sun and leaves will protect his garden all winter."

Text & illustrations: (c) 2009 bijou le tord
(c) 1984 bijou le tord
Four Winds Press, NYC.

. . . friends . . .

. . . black & white 3. . .

" a day unlike others"

photo: (c) 2009 blt
place de l'hôtel de ville


. . . black & white 2. . .

ici les vaches s'endorment
blanches . . .
photo: (c) 2009 blt
"les histoires de chez nous"

. . . on being alone . . .

lance amstrong // 2009 tour de france // st. maurice
"the road is part of you"
photo: (c) 2009blt

. . . black & white . . .

tim burton at MOMA . . .
a must in web-design construction. . .
what an artists on-going work says.

"what i really responded to was. . .
shadows & light & dark. . .
a spirit a feeling"
-tim burton
(c) 2009 tim burton & MOMA...


. . . Thanksgiving & friends coming over . . .

dreamy bear @ http://yourdreamycoffee.blogspot.com/
where dreams come true: wish it_dream it_ do it_ /// friends

. . . french fries ballet . . .


(c) 2009 blt

/// the girl was a torero ///

. . . a girl, a red cape, a bull _ a sword . . .
From the album:

. . . Valley Curtain,' Rifle, Colo., 1970-72. . . remembering Jeanne-Claude . . .

Valley curtain___ was artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude's
first monumental project in the American landscape.
Photo Harry Shrunk © Christo 1972

Thousands Turn Out to Honor Merce at Park Avenue Armory, NYC.

What distinguished Cunningham from all other great choreographers was the degree of his inclusiveness. He invented dance movements that were modern and new, but even more revolutionary was the way he placed them in the world in which we lived.
Cunningham could never take his eyes off the street, and the dynamic that we all witness everyday is what he embraced. And he proved that music, costumes, set designs, lighting and sound could all exist independently on stage, just like they do in our lives, so long as there is a general shared aesthetic.

- LA TIMES/-- Mark Swed-- oct. 29/2009

Photo: The Merce Cunningham memorial "Events" at the Park Avenue Armory in New York .

Credit: Stephanie Berger / Merce Cunningham Dance Company


. . . l'igloo . . .

je croule sous un igloo de livre (à lire dans l'idéal),
heureusement un igloo est construit pour hiberner,
et quand plus un livre ne me couvrira la tête et que
surgiront les bourgeons du printemps et de tout
il ne me restera plus qu'à m'ensoleiller ,
àmoins que je passe l'hivers à écrire et là comment
saurai-je si le printemps est arrivé ?
- lambert savigneux
(c) 2009 blt

à propos de lambert en ses mots//
engagé dans la création artistique je tente de
surfer sur la vague de la vie, en m'appuyant
sur ce que la création permet de supposer. . .

Et je dis: peintre, poète, ami qui parle
beaucoup sur FaceBook. . . et puis des moments de silence :
pas très longs . . . mais qui expriment peut-être ses moments
de créations- qui unjour donnent naissance à des poèmes
plein de lumière et des aquarelles si pures: elles vous laisse muet
dans un calme profond . . . et ça c'est bon & bien.
(c) 2009 blt

edged in black, red or blue . . .

___ a bug or two & photographed on our work table ___
photo & text (c) 2009 blt


. . . the text. . .

the text

Sourdough mountain called a fire in:
Up Thunder Creek, high on a ridge.
Hiked eighteen hours, finally found
A snag and a hundred feet around on fire:
All afternoon and into night
Digging the fire line
Falling the burning snag
It fanned sparks down like shooting stars
Over the dry woods, starting spot-fires
Flaring in wind up Skagit valley
From the Sound.
Toward morning it rained.
We slept in mud and ashes,
Woke at dawn, the fire was out,
the sky was clear, we saw
the last glimmer of morning star.

- Gary Snyder

from "NO NATURE". New & selected poems
Pantheon. (c) 1992 by Gary Snyder
photo: (c) 2009 BLT. "le gouffre de l'enfer".

. . . a driver's folly . . .

___ we met on the edge of a waterfall___
the sun lifted us to the meeting point. . .
there it was___ deep into its car-
I sighed & thought: "who's playing a game, here?

"le gouffre de l'enfer..."
__corbiers-rochetaillée- loire__
text & photo: (c) 2009 blt


___ leo's electric ___

___ 287-2200 ___
" red sky at morning "
photo:(c) 2009 blt

. . . a spy in paradise . . .

She belonged to Daddy ___ Dashiell Hammett on women : " feathered birds,
paradise revisited."- a surprising way to express his "hard-boiled" side.
-J.J. Hill Sunder, 1946. SF, CA
photo: (c) 2009 blt
youngblood, sag harbor, ny


___Constantin Brancusi: the essence of things___

Torso of a Young Man II, 1923. Walnut,
Musée National d’Art Moderne, Paris
© ADAGP, Paris and DACS London 2004

. . . Edward Steichen - Brancusi's studio, 1920 . . .

see the new yorker grow, change, happily being itself

. . . TIM BURTON &@")§-=:ç&,///**%&@#))))((((@@@ . . .

. . . At MOMA. . . right now. . .


. . . a glimpse through a break . . .

upon the hours _____ we talk of bridges crossed & life adding its taste "of things" . . .
"look , you say . . . roses & gold. . . a wall of an old house____ planks of wood . . .
& beauty grows, anywhere ". . .
___ it reminded you of a Japanese paintings . . .

text & photo: 2009 (c) blt