__ pentax is having fun __

"pentax cameras . . . they're having fun . . . we too ! and we love it . . ."


__ events no events ___

" l'air devenait irrespirable . . . et puis la pluie
est tombée . . . . . ." Un jour,

Un jour, bientôt peut-être,

Un jour j'arracherai l'ancre qui tient mon navire loin des mers,

_ michaud



__ Driving with Chris Osborne __

"__ above painting: Lassie with a 1936 Ford Woody Wagon (movie car)
Acrylic on Canvas 20" x 24", by Chris Osborne

The Golden Age of Trucking Museum will be hosting “Who’s Driving?” Legendary Stars and Legendary Cars an exhibit of portraits on canvas by artist Chris Osborne. The exhibit will be on display in The Founder’s Gallery at 1101 Southford Road in Middlebury, Conn through December of 2010.

___ Elvis and his 1954 Cadillac __

"Elvis and his 1954 Cadillac
30 X 40 inches"
_(c) 2010 Chris Osborne. . .
you can visit Chri's work

The Golden Age of Trucking Museum will be hosting “Who’s Driving?” Legendary Stars and Legendary Cars an exhibit of portraits on canvas by artist Chris Osborne. The exhibit will be on display in The Founder’s Gallery at 1101 Southford Road in Middlebury, Conn through December of 2010.

Recipient of the 2007 National Society of Painters in Casein & Acrylic (NSPCA) Prize, the Classic Car Club of America 2003 Fine Art Award of Excellence, and the Glenmoor Gathering (Ohio) 2007 Best of Show award, Chris Osborne pays homage to the American automobile by way of the art of portraiture. “There are key things in American culture that absorb my attention, the fabulous cars of decades past, the colorful people who drove them, the Hollywood Golden Age, and the true American musical genres, Jazz & Blues. Any combination of these elements may appear in my work. After exhaustive factual research and the use of figurative models, I like to apply an imaginative view of history, bringing to the present a candid moment in time shared with the viewer.”

Raised in New Milford, Connecticut, Osborne received a BA in Art from Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson NY and an MFA in printmaking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After an extended stay on Martha’s Vineyard in the 1970’s, she moved to New York City, working with legendary artist’s agent Jane Lander representing a group of illustrators with a preference toward fine art. This pivotal move guided Chris toward figurative drawing and painting, and in the mid-1980’s she left the agent profession to pursue art on her own. Over the decade of the 1990’s Chris supplemented her work by managing the Jazz & Blues department at Tower Records Lincoln Center, the largest retail record store in New York, which put her significantly in the midst of the music world. It was an experience that will forever enrich her painting, as she is currently working on a history of Jazz and a history of Blues in visual form, decade by decade, city by city, with the American automobile as a natural focal point.
Chris has exhibited widely in galleries and art associations in the Northeast and New York City, along with invitational exhibits at annual Collector Car events such as the Kruse Auction in Auburn, Indiana, the Louisville Concours d’Elegance, the Hamptons Concours d’Elegance, the Glenmoor Gathering of Significant Automobiles, the Las Vegas Concours d’Elegance, the Fairfield County Concours d’Elegance, and the Classic Car Club of America annual gathering in Hickory Corners, Michigan. She was the CCCA poster artist for 2005. In April & May of 2006 the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum and Kruse Museum in Indiana exhibited her work in a solo show.
Regular museum admission applies and members are always free.

For questions please contact the museum at 203-577-2181.The Golden Age of Trucking Museum is a non-profit organization and open year round Tuesday through Saturday 10-4 and Sunday 12-4.

Please stop by the Museum and say hi to Chris: she is my friend!

__ Dakota Jack Mitchell , Hackensack, N J 1938 __

"_ '38 olds coupe #2 "
(c) photo harvest internet _ unknown
" . . . The Patterson train came in on time. The clock's station marked nine PM sharp. . . The old-bitch of an engine rode in spitting coal-spit , left and right, before it died down. . . worn out of its long trip down from Little Butte , Pennsylvania _ & running back the Passaic River . It had past the passengers rest-station, still sliding on its hot steel-wheels, making a racket that drove Bob Watson the Station Master into a froth. "

_ above text: (c) bijou le tord

about the Passaic River The source of the Passaic River begins near Mendham where small streams come together to form a brook running along the edge of Mendham High School's athletic field and continues through open farm land and eventually winding through seven counties, 45 municipalities and into the Newark Bay. It flows along for about 90 miles; some areas the movement is slow and at other points overflows its banks during heavy rains.
At its source it is about 600 feet above sea level and in its southeasterly flow goes south of Jockey Hollow National Park and becomes the boundary between Somerset and Morris Counties, east of Bernardsville and Basking Ridge and southwest of the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. The streams of Great Brook and Black River drain into the Passaic River in its southern route until it confronts the basaltic rock of the Watchung Mts. at Stony Hill and drops in elevation to 200 feet.
The river, which has become a fast moving mountain stream then becomes a slow, sluggish one as it takes a northward course, past Sterling to Berkeley Heights. The northwest flow moves past New Providence, Chatham and Summit, forming the boundary between Morris and Union Counties. Through a wide valley, wetlands and marshes it now divides the counties of Morris and Essex Counties, flowing slowly past Livingston, Florham Park, the Hanovers, Caldwells, Montville, Fairfield and Lincoln Park.
The Rockaway River joins the Passaic at Pine Brook at the southeast end of Hook Mountain. Its flow is turned at this high land and turns directly east between Fairfield and Lincoln Park to Two Bridges; an elevation now 159 feet and is joined by the Pompton River. As it takes a slow easterly course to Little Falls it suddenly loses 40 feet in elevation; a steep drop of 16 feet in a ravine whose base is sandstone.

The Passaic continues a slow flow for 5 1/2 miles northeast to the Great Falls in Paterson. The Great Falls thunders over a rocky ledge, 70 feet deep, about 60 feet wide to a broad basin descending 20 feet through traprock and sandstone to the city of Paterson. It continues north, reversing itself at Hawthorne where it flows about 25 miles to NewarkBay. At this point it becomes the boundary between Passaic and Bergen Counties and between Essex and Hudson Counties.
Flowing downstream from Hawthorne, the river has been dammed, creating Dundee Lake. Below the dam at Garfield, the Saddle River joins the Passaic and flows through heavily industrialized and residential areas of Bergen, Hudson and Essex Counties. At Harrison it makes an S-curve northeast and then turns southeast and unites with the Hackensack River as it empties into the Newark Bay.

fishing the Passaic I can tell you that from its source downstream to the Great Swamp the river is listed as a "Wild Trout Stream" by the State Division of Fish, Game & Wildlife. You will find mostly rainbow trout. They re-produce naturally. There are largemouth and smallmouth bass from the Great Swamp downstream to Dundee Lake. carp, catfish and suckers are common from the Great Swamp downstream to the salt water line at the Newark/Belleville border. Herring and shad run up the river to the base of the Dundee Dam each spring to spawn. Striped Bass are found up to the Dundee Dam. The state has stocked Northern Pike in several locations. They can be found from around the confluence with the Pompton River at Three Bridges downstream to the Newark/Belleville border. Channel catfish have been stocked from Livingston downstream to Three Bridges. I know that there are over 30 species of fish that have been identified. Additionally, there are mink, otters and muskrats. Fox, raccoon, coyote, deer, opossum live along the river. Great Blue Herons, egrets and other wading birds are common. The only occurrance of the bluespotted salamander in New Jersey is along the upper Passaic River. Thereare bog turtles, wood turtles and eastern mud turtles. I know that this is only a partial listing. I would think that the DEP and the Great Swamp Watershed Association could help with filling in the rest. Touting the Passaic as a River worth fishing or as a spot to observe a wide variety of wildlife can really help with public awareness of the river as a resource
instead of a joke.
_ Mary


__ sunlight into evening __

"Tamasaburo bando. Onna-gata Tamasaburo. Tokyo ."

The Written Face ( a movie ) Directed by Daniel Schmid Switzerland/Japan 1995, 35mm, color, 89 min. With Tamasaburo Bando, Yajuro Bando, Yagoro Bando. Japanese with English subtitles. Schmid’s impassioned tribute to Kabuki theater, the time-honored Japanese art of stylized drama punctuated with singing and dancing, documents an important art form that is beginning to disappear. The film features one of Kabuki’s most respected practitioners, Tamasaburo Bando, who first appeared on stage at the age of five. One of Kabuki’s finest Onnagata—men who specialize in playing female roles—Bando is seen in four continuous acts. "The man playing the woman’s role," says Schmid, "does not imitate the woman as in the West, but tries to capture her significance, [which] he draws from his own identity."

_" It is morning sunlight into evening."
. . . tamasaburo bando as he describes how he plays a woman's role . ( in The Written Face )

__ green marker, kuruliku design_

"- all about reading quietly while the grass grows green ."
. . . a bookmarker

__ A view across Trent Bridge _

"A view across Trent Bridge as night closes in, England v Australia, 5th ODI, Trent Bridge,
September 15, 2009 ".
_ unkwown photographer
(c) getty images

__ how many "views" from the bridge ?__


__ guggenheim museum, strongoli, italy __

" __ NEW guggenheim museum, strongoli, in calbria italy _ planned to open in 2012 _ "


" _ carafe by michele de lucchi circa 1979 __ sterling silver"
edition, 44/99 Stamped “M De Lucchi/Cleto Munari/Rossi & Arcandi/Made In Italy”, numbered “40/99”, “925” silver mark
h: 11.4 in. Italian. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Recent Acquisitions: A Selection, 1987-1988, New York, 1988, p. 75
Tersilla F. Giacobone, Argenti Italiani Del XX Secolo, Milan, 1993, p. 83


__ Elizabeth Strong Cuevas __

Excerpted from a lecture given at the Bruce Museum of Art, Connecticut in 1985. With telescope eyes looking out to the universe, my work suggests space exploration, while the heads with double or more profiles suggest the complementarity of opposites, of psychological divisions, united in the unity of consciousness. Communication through space and time is what I seek to express, linking the ideas of the past with those of the future. The human face is the symbol I use. Exploring forms to meet the idea, I find I have discovered all kinds of shapes, even a head that looks like a body, viz. "Running Head." A face can be a universe. My media are bronze, aluminum and steel.

In the foreground: "Two Face Telescope" (1990), fabricated aluminum, by Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas

___ la première photo au monde __

" Niepce: la première photo au monde.1826 "

Il y a plus de cent cinquante ans, Joseph-Nicéphore Niépce obtenait une
image à la chambre obscure sur une plaque d'étain polie, sensibilisée
au bitume de Judée. Il fallait à Niépce 8 à 10 heures d'exposition au soleil.
Il donna à son invention le nom d'héliographie". La vue de 16 x 20 cm qui
représente la cour de sa maison de campagne, domaine du Gras, dans le
village de Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, a été prise de la fenêtre d'un des étages
_ photo glanner par le biais du site geneviève prillaman / FaceBook
& les conquérants de l'illusion aussi sur FB.


__ blue 22 __

photo _(c) 2010 bijou le tord


__ Smoking or Not Smoking __

Smoking or Not Smoking / a robot . . .

" En achetant ces boites de cigarettes en métal hors série ,

je savais qu'un robot allait naître sous peu & avec un nom

inévitable... le voici ! Hauteur : 49 cms Largeur : 23 cms

(c) frédérique chéramy

__ frédérique chéramy __

" frédérique chéramy built robots "because i'd to create them", she said . . .
"que du bonheur !" chez elle la miss pop art vivait dans son décor qu'elle
appelait "son théâtre " . . . sa voir l'a été aussi . . . alors on l'aime toujours
pour tout ce qu'elle nous a offert! "
robots : (c) frédérique chéramy
à voir son extraordinaire blog: cheramyspopart.blogspot.com

et sur youtube: ici en bas du blog!

__noah's trees __

"noah's trees"
(c) bijou le tord

__ a bird or two __

" a bird or two / a story for henri matisse "
(c) bijou le tord

__... a place where dreams are born...__

" a blue butterfly / a story for claude monet "
(c) bijou le tord


__ snoopy love __

"__ having known Snoopy as a young Pup, a sopwith (pup) camel pilot, and winner
of the Red Baron air-dog-fights _ a long _ long time ago _ we've got news for you :
Snoopy still carries his own weight . . . so, all of you young ( & not so old friends
of Snoopy's < ) rise and shine, stand up on the wings of your biplane & say out loud . . .

" we love you snoopy , for ever & ever ! "

PS: we never believed for one single New York __ minute . . . that Snoopy
was a cartoon character . . . HE is Snoopy _ & we know that he lives yonder,
far away _ some say California . . . ( by the way , if you know, let us know . . . )

He took up tennis , golf , & puppy-swimming in Florida__now has he ever met
with Chris Evert Llyod or Martina . . . if he did he won all matches . . . just
imagine !

_ cartoon (c) 1988 Charles Schulz


__ miles davis __

"miles davis an angel in heaven __ at the center of the earth . . ."
_miles a portrait . . .
& flamenco sketches . . .


__ home sweet home __

Design Michael Graves; architect (b.1934)
Year 1983
Manufacturer Alessi
Limited edition silver tea and coffee service
Comprising a teapot, coffee pot, milk jug and sugar bowl, each with pointed spout and ribbed body, the upper surface with blue enamel spheres and finials, with white bakelite handles, with matching circular tray, each stamped 'Officiana Alessi, Italy, 1988, 44/99', the coffee pot 24.5 cm high, teapot 21 cm high, sugar bowl 13.5 cm high, the milk jug 10 cm high, the tray, 40 cm diameter
Illustrated in Metropoliitan Museum of Art, Modern Design 1890-1990, p. 259
Michael Graves was born in Indianapolis, USA and he currently teaches architecture at Princeton. His architectural works include the Portland Building and the Humana Building,the extension of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Newark Museum. He created the 'Whistling Bird' which was the best selling kettle for Alessi, Alessi.com

___ a clock, a pepper grinder_ michael graves __

A Michael Graves/Alessi mantel clock, ebonized wood and maple veneer, with pendulum and quartz movement, 1986 - 1988
a pepper grinder, desined for Alessi . . .

__ a day with michael graves architect __

" _ poster _ michael graves . . ."


__ walker evans__

Evans was fascinated by the vernacular language of signs-billboards, theater marquees, hand-painted storefronts, graffiti, and rusted tin roadside signs. As in this picture of a tattered movie poster, he often photographed these found artifacts head-on, so that the flat surface of the sign seems to occupy the same plane as the surface of the photographic image. Here, Evans's careful cropping heightens the mystery of the original poster image by isolating the couple's terror from its source and focusing our attention on the large rip that seems to slash through the woman's head.
Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975)
[Torn Movie Poster, Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts]
Ford Motor Company Collection, Gift of Ford Motor Company and John C. Waddell, 1987
© Walker Evans Archive, The Metropolitan Museum of Art

__ and then there is Einstein __

Albert Einstein, 1931
Johan Hagemeyer (American, b. Netherlands, 1884-1962)
Gelatin silver print
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York,
Gift of Estate of Johan Hagemeyer, 1962 (62.684.26)

__ christopher reeve __

" _ OK, "they" say that Steve McQueen was not fit to be a superman _
that Stallone was italian , Robert Redford too expensive _and Clint Eastwood
too busy _ are we lucky or what _ that Christopher Reeve won !
we've always thought he was the best suited for the job _ he was
thoughtful, cute , tender, intelligent everything that superman is not . . ."

_ words 2010 blt

__ superman , superhero, super super __

" . . . jarod lichter has been a companion to the super-heroes - journals put out in 1938 . . .
by the DMK comics staff . . . about the same time superman saw the light . . .
unfortunately jarod switched companies, stopped creating super-heroes moved to CA
and has been unheard of ever since . . . we are told that only superman knows
of his whereabouts! "

_ words 2010 blt

__ ida applebroog ___

". . . she paints, she draws, she cuts images out of magazines, fills
her life with pictures and never stops. . . too much is never enough. . ."
_word by bllt

Ida Applebroog was born in the Bronx, New York in 1929, and lives and works in New York. She attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received an honorary doctorate from New School University/Parsons School of Design. Applebroog has been making pointed social commentary in the form of beguiling comic-like images for nearly half a century. She has developed an instantly recognizable style of simplified human forms with bold outlines. Anonymous ‘everyman’ figures, anthropomorphized animals, and half human-half creature characters are featured players in the uncanny theater of her work. Applebroog propels her paintings and drawings into the realm of installation by arranging and stacking canvases in space, exploding the frame-by-frame logic of comic-book and film narrative into three-dimensional environments. In her most characteristic work, she combines popular imagery from everyday urban and domestic scenes, sometimes paired with curt texts, to skew otherwise banal images into anxious scenarios infused with a sense of irony and black humor. Strong themes in her work include gender and sexual identity, power struggles both political and personal, and the pernicious role of mass media in desensitizing the public to violence. In addition to paintings, Applebroog has also created sculptures; artist’s books; several films (including a collaboration with her daughter, the artist Beth B); and animated shorts that appeared on the side of a moving truck and on a giant screen in Times Square. Applebroog has received many awards, including a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation Achievement Award and a Lifetime Achievement Award from the College Art Association. Her work has been shown in many one-person exhibitions in the United States and abroad, including the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC; Whitney Museum of American Art, New York; the Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston; and the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, among others.