___ speed ride ___

__ rober lax, an american poet. . .
who lived on the greek island patmos,
away from the maddening crowd.
here, he is writing a friend that he'll
meet him at the dock when the boat
comes in.

"Am sending you this fast bird to say that
everything has been arranged. I will meet you
on the dock, juggling tennis balls."__
photo of Robert Lax by anna-marie uebbing


___ are you a visitor___

"are you a visitor?" asked

the dog.

"yes," i answered.

"only a visitor?" asked

the dog.

"yes," i answered.

"take me with you," said
the dog.

__ rober lax

photo: (c) 2009 blt


___ happy new year___ Peace___

"the way to do is to be. . ."
__LaoTzu, (c.600 BC)

notes of an artists: (c) 2009 blt

___ two friends at the new year coming___

"work of sight is done . . . now do heart work, on the pictures within you. . ."
__rainer maria rilke

notes of an artist: " only caring counts. . ."
artwork & words (c) 2009 blt


___ true edge ___

"true simplicity consists not in the use of particular forms, but in foregoing
over-indulgence, in maintaining humility of spirit, and in keeping the material
surroundings of our lives directly serviceable to necessary ends, even
though these surroundings may properly be characterized by grace,
symmetry, and beauty."

Book of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends
Adopted by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting, 1927

note of an artist:
"driving to Lyon dec. 25th, 2009. . .
& rain as if all things were new. . ."
(c) 2009 blt


___ lights___

"on the road to Lyon
december 25th, 2009"
(c)2009 blt


___ l'art de savoir être ___

" Maître Huang me disait : « Il faut essayer de pénétrer l'ordre secret
des choses et de prendre modèle sur la nature du ciel.
C'est un modèle de grandeur, de vide et un générateur d'absolu.
Ce n'est qu'en suivant sa voie que l'on peut s'approcher de l'Etre. »
__ fabienne verdier__
@ galerie Alice Pauli


__ when wheat warms up the earth ___

"we know the way wheat holds to the earth __ pulls you closer to life __
& we also know that painting like language is home."
_The Harvesters, 1565 - Pieter Bruegel the Elder
(Netherlandish, active by 1551, died 1569) _ Oil on wood . Metropolitan Museum, NYC.
"For the longest time, we spent our lunch hour at the Metropolitan Museum,
feeding our bread to birds outside, on the roof-top . while, "the harvesters" were
eating their lunch. if you ever meet Bruegel's harvesters, one day in passing,
walking the endless rooms of the museum. take your time, stop by and say hello.
look for the small woman__ in the center of the picture__ with her brown, round, hat.
she's looking straight at you, eating a slice of bread. Had she made the bread
herself? we'd always hope for a taste of it . walking in the painting, sitting down
next to her and chat ! how is the weather, the kids? may be then, who knows__
would she have shared a slice of her bread with us?"
_ while the world in Copenhagen talks about the future of our planet.
Bruegel's harvesters are still here , to remind us, that on a warm day of
Summer__ in the Netherlands __ the wheat harvest was plentiful."
__ note of an artist: (c) blt

___ sift through life__

"sometimes you hit upon little jewels,
you don't know why,
but you thank the planets for it;
this two paintings are just that !"
__works by: TOP __ mario cappa
BOTTOM: __ mario cappi

___ there in peace ___

". . .in the next century
or the one beyond that,
they say, are valleys, pastures,
we can meet in peace
if we make it. . ."

___ NO NATURE/ Gary Snyder
paintings and close-up of his work/
Jeronimus Bosch

___ briging land closer___

" a shade off touching__ all the dark hours everywhere, then light."
__ (c) yann arthus-bertrand



Magpie's Song

... Magpie on a bough
Tipped his head and said,
" Here in the mind, brother
Turquoise blue.
I wouldn't fool you.
Smell the breeze
It came through all the trees
No need to fear
What's ahead
Snow'up on the hills west
Will be there every year
be at rest.
A feather on the ground___
the wind sound___

Here in the Mind, Brother,
Turquoise Blue"

... excerpt from __ Gary Snyder
New & Selected Poems
Pantheon Books
(c) 1992

__ an artist's note: winter present for LS & E.D.

___ bird of happiness ___



Lucie Grégoire and Yoshito Ohno of Lucie Grégoire Danse
in their own work Flower (2008)
Photo by Michael Slobodian

"il a suffit qu'une petite tache jaune, constellée de rose devienne
bleu et ce bleu orange, et l'orange violet,
minuscule tache jaune qui pousse au milieu des
citronniers verts, pour que les orangers jaloux, à leur tour
fleurissent de couleurs inconnues . . . la nuit,
le noir s'approcha à petits pas et le blanc fou amoureux

note d'artiste (c) 2009 blt

___ être sans être ___

"être pour être et se voir transparent___"
untitled works/ 1970
crayon on house paint on paper
private collection @ cy tombly
-cy tombly
you can see some more of his work
@ gagosian gallery


___ don't leave home without it ___

Nori Paste

Nori Paste is an excellent acid free, archival safe paper glue
that dries clear, won't stain, and washes off easily.
It is a non-toxic starch based adhesive that can be mixed
with PVA glue for a stronger bond and longer working time.
Nori adheres paper to other hard substrates such as glass,
metal and plastic. It can be thinned with water and can also
be used as a medium to bind dry pigments.
Excellent for book binding applications or adhering and
repositioning thin delicate papers without the risk of tearing.

"One morning late in the spring of 1961, while photographing
Picasso's private collection of his own work . . .
I came upon a gaunt self-portrait of the artist.
It was just stark charcoal on canvas, almost skeletal,
nearly life-size, dated 22 March, 1938, and totally unknown . . .
Like nearly all of Picasso's hidden canvases, it was
veiled under decades of dust that had to be cleaned away
before I could use my color cameras. I
swept it with a feather duster--and my heart nearly burst!
The charcoal had never been fixed.
His face was now little more than a faint tracing seen
through smeared charcoal and dust . . . this still secret
self-portrait was ruined."
Goodbye Picasso, p. 2.
_david Douglas Duncan

(painting by Picasso of Marie-thérèse walter) 13 april 1936


"Pablo Picasso at Vauvenargues. 1962. [Seated in his] baronial salon-turned-studio, with his canvases on the easel and another resembling flames in the fireplace while afternoon sunlight [slants] across the walls and into the room beyond the open door." Viva Picasso, p. 149.

___ jim rakete photo___



___ surprised kitty___ with its own video down page

"nearly twelve millions watchers!"

____ an altogether different language___

"__ like the Italian primitive paintings __"
image: (c) 2009Peter Jones
RCA secret 2009-
800 hundred artists' postcards
title: an altogether different language
Anne Porter/ Poems 1934-1994
Zoland books

___ translucent ___

"and where do you want to go?" the bug didn't answer . . .
the little soldier said: " I name you a field marshall!"__
the bug spoke up in its tiny bug-voice: "I'm already a
field marshall, Sire!" ___ time passed, the sun hid
behind the trees. " All right," said the little soldier,
" then I name you a colonel!"
note & photo: (c) 2008 blt


___ early edits ___# XV-48-00-D__

"a few times back___ spread out photographs
on our kitchen table. No foreman, we thought -
an easy job. by the end of the week nothing
had happened? let's get back to the beginning.
drove through town full speed, you'd call your
brother was ill__ spread out photographs in
'steamed-up kitchen.' __ get back on the job.
you yelled. we laughed our heads off."
note & photo: (c) 2009 blt

___ dead on & hit the mark ___

"useless to clip its curves, hit the handle". . . you heard it too, twenty years back __
a poem --- an oil can say. what are we doing saying: " woke once in the night,
chilly dawn?" we made coffee & toasts. you looked funny in your old loose
pants-draw-string & plaid-jacket."
note & photo: (c) 2009 blt

___ december day___

" a sort of tree its leaves still yellow
in the rain__ how many left? bark smells__
flat blue-green rock__ we found jade at
our feet. _ burls they call a gust of wind & weeds__
true light, and it all seem the same."
note & photo: (c) blt

___ ISO 1600 ___

" smooth dense night, newsreel
said "peace prize awarded" __ tO
& why? Jack JR Oppenheimer:
faint 'remembering' of another man,
fifty years ago."
note & photo: (2009) blt

___ light glides ___ 3

" sift through night streets, park__
branches in fire like__
south of reeds station, Perkins Alley."
notes & photo: (c) 2009 blt

___ north of the blaker hill___

__with a long thing
about trees, gardens, hills,
small fruit-bushes__
and how they change through the
year__ we walk faster down-slope,
to get home before the sun
hit our door.
note & photo: (c) 2009 blt


__ Rembrandt & Orange Pekoe Tea __

" when you pour hot __ or near
boiling__ water __ on Orange Pekoe Tea,
do not bruise its leaves,
pour gently __ as tenderly __ as you would kiss
your newly wed bride."
- julian moore, 1918. England.


_____ the darkest rider_____

" a knight __ yellow jersey __ darker than the infinite planets __"

Alberto Contador, cyclist
winner of le tour de france .2009
photo & text: (c) 2009 blt

__darker than the emptiness__

"or, l'arbre et l'écriture s'inscrivent tous deux,
dans le champ de la caméra_ dans la syllabe
_ l'appel de la photographie _"
_Etienne Mallory
(darker than the emptiness
it is dark here . . .
left alone__)

(c) isabelle waternaux-portraits polaroids
publié dans "clins d'oeil" / arts plastiques

___ john-john cat___

"is that you john-john cat? outside, cold feet snow, sleet_
drip drip___ john-john cat_"

it was midnight, a cold __ dark & stormy night __monsters
shake their boots__under your window__ lights,
on car-engine idling __ Two A.M. the boogie-poodle
left__ less than a century old__
texts & photo: (c) 2009 blt


______at the red shadow pool_____

"a million_years____ red , rivers, dragon_arms,
rising waters__ in the dark, i wrote a poem"

jan.1948. _ at jan Folger's house.
Timrodd, CA.

painting by _max ernst
poem-note: _ earl tinger

____as the fine dusk gleam ____

" a bird appears. . . higher__ up__ forty some
stories up__ perching__ tree, another leaf screens ,
other leaves ."

photo: (c) Dascha Friedlova_

__ the highest praise comes from a little person __

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus ____According to Brueghel

when Icarus fell
it was spring

a farmer was ploughing
his field
the whole pageantry

of the year was
awake tingling
with itself

sweating in the sun
that melted
the wings' wax

off the coast
there was

a splash quite unnoticed
this was
Icarus drowning

__ william carlos william

Pieter Brueghel, The Fall of Icarus